How Many Calories in Pizza Hut Pizza?

Shocking fact! A pepperoni personal pan pizza in Pizza Hut is around 600 cal. A personal pan pizza contains four slices. That means a slice is around 150 cal.

Well, we know that it does not sound much! But we should always check our calorie intake.

It’s because staying healthy has become so hard in this new era of processed food. So today we are talking about the calories of Pizza Hut’s pizza!

Not all pizzas at Pizza Hut contain bulk calories. But some of them might surprise you. A double pepperoni big New Yorker slice is around 470 Cal. That is like the one-fourth calorie of our daily calorie intake.

For healthier options, going for the thin crust is best. The small thin crust slices contain the lowest calories. The veggie lover’s thin and crispy crust only has a hundred cal per slice.

How Many Calories in a Large Slice of Pizza Hut Pizza?

We all can guess that the size is equal to the calorie count. A large slice of Pizza Hut’s pizza is around 300- 450 cal.    

The large original pan-size slice of the meat lover’s is around 450 cal which is probably one of the highest calorie pizzas of Pizza Hut.

However, Different pizza toppings are also a reason that the calories may differ. Such as the veggie lover is 330 cal which is about 100 cal less than the meat lovers. 

The large hand-tossed pizza slices are 260 to 390 cal. The thin crust contains fewer calories. So thin crust pizzas contain a calorie count between 220-300 cal.

However, the meat lover’s is an exception! Large-size original stuffed crusts of all types contain more than 300 cal per slice.

Pizza Hut High Calorie Pizza

When we are talking about a food that is made with cheese, “high calories in every bite” is the bitter truth!

Now if you are thinking what pizza are the high-calorie pizzas of Pizza Hut, then meet Mr. Meat Lover’s pizza.

The meat lover’s signature pizza will offer you 450 calories per slice. The pepperoni lover’s large original pan size also contains more than 430 cal.

We looked at the nutrition info and found out that the large original pan slices contain the highest calories. So let’s see the calorie counts of the high-calorie pizzas of Pizza Hut. The most calorie-containing pizzas.

01. Backyard BBQ Chicken 

The calorie per original pan slice is 370 cal. Made with bacon, onion, grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, and seasonings.

02. Cheesesteak

Large-size original pan pizza. Per slice contains 380 cal. The toppings used to prepare it are pepper, onion, and steak. Made with Alfredo sauce. The stuffed crust also carries a great calorie count of 350.

03. Meat Lovers

Seasoned pork, ham, pepperoni, and bacon, the meat lovers are loaded with non-veg toppings. The original pan crust will contain 450 cal. Even the thin crust contains 380 cal.

It is the highest calorie-containing signature pizza of Pizza Hut’s too.

04. Pepperoni Lover

The pizza will cause you a 430-calorie intake. The large hand-tossed size contains around 370 cal per slice. The large original stuffed crust is 390 cal.

05. Big New Yorkers

Special pizza made with hand-tossed crust. Carries 470 cal per slice.

Pizza Hut Pizza Least Calorie

Since staying healthy is most important, check out the least-calorie pizzas from Pizza Hut.

01. The Veggie Lover

The pizza is made with veg toppings that surely cut the extra calories we would have gained from the meats.

However, the cheese, mushrooms, sliced onions and pepper makes it tasty and healthy. The thin crust pizza contains 100 cal.

02. The Buffalo Chicken

100 cal per slice in thin crust. Made with meaty toppings but only contains a calorie count same as the veggie lovers.

The pizza deserves praise! The thin crust has the lowest calories. But the larger sizes also have fewer calories compared to other meaty pizzas.

03. Hawaiian Chicken

Contains only 110 cal in thin crusts.

04. Pepperoni

A common least-calorie pizza that has 110 cal.

Nutritional Information of Pizza Hut Pizzas

Detailed nutrition information so you can easily make smart and healthier choices.

Is Pizza Hut Thin Crust Less Calories?

Pizzas made with thin crust are less calorie-containing. If the size of the pizza bread is thicker, the calories increase. Such as we see in large pan pizzas.

The large pan-size pizzas are made with a thicker and bigger pizza bread. But in thin crust, the calories are comparably low.

Pizza Hut Keto Friendly Pizza

The main base of a pizza is the crust. The crust is made of ingredients that have carbs. Although we’ve all heard about cauliflower crust, Pizza Hut isn’t offering it.

So we can easily guess that Pizza Hut has no keto-friendly pizza. However, just try to order the pizza without the crust but the service may not be available at every location.

Vegetarian Pizza Option At Pizza Hut

The thin-crust veggie pizza contains 100 cal per slice. the toppings are veg in it.

Made with onions, mushrooms, peppers, and cheese only. However, you can choose the cheese pizza.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Calories Are in a Slice of PIZZA HUT Pizza?

You will find a large-size pepperoni pan Pizza Hut pizza that has 150 calories.

How Many Calories in a Slice of PIZZA HUT Regular Pizza?

A medium original pan pizza slice of Pizza Hut is 250 cal.

How Many Calories Are in a Single Serve Pizza From PIZZA HUT?

A cheese personal pan pizza single serve has 150 cal.

A Cheese Personal Pan Pizza Single Serve Has 150 Cal.

A cheese personal pan pizza single serve has 150 cal. The calorie count of a whole 12-inch pepperoni pizza pie is 1,040 cal.

Is PIZZA HUT Pizza Unhealthy?

Not all pizzas are unhealthy. There are many healthier options available too. Choose smaller portions and thin crust and you can easily cut calories from unhealthy pizza items.

Final Thoughts

Controlling the calories at Pizza Hut may seem tough but if you look at the calories of each pizza, you will know there are better and healthier options available too!

A medium-sized pan pizza from Pizza Hut carries an average of 150 cal. But a thin crust and small has only 100 cal. Which means there are plenty of light options.

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