IHOP Catering Menu With Prices 2024

From healthy breakfast items to delicious lunch and side items and beverages, the IHOP catering menu offers an extensive assortment of food items to choose from.

The menu includes a variety of pancakes such as double blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, and gluten-friendly pancakes.

Besides pancakes, you can also order French toast, IHOP special breakfast sandwiches, and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Moreover, the popular items on the lunch menu are BLT sandwiches, chicken strips, and burgers served with fries.

IHOP has an entire section dedicated to its scrumptious side menu under the section named “Signature Sides”.

Pork Sausages Links, Hickory Smoked Bacon, and Turkey Bacon Strips are the most beloved side items for IHOP customers.

Other side items include fresh fruits, French fries, crispy breakfast potatoes, and buttered toast.

Adding to the catering menu of IHOP are the drinks which include iced tea, regular or decaf coffee, and juices such as orange juice and apple juice.

Price of Items Available At IHOP Catering

Price of Items Available At IHOP Catering

Prices vary from item to item as well as deal to deal. For example, chicken strips for a crowd of 10 people cost $64.99, but $194.99 for 20 people, and $299.99 for 50 people.

Moreover, the 10 steakburgers in the Burger & Fries Combo cost $79.99 without cheese, whereas, $89.99 with cheese.

The table given below provides you with the detailed pricing of items in the catering menu of IHOP.

IHOP Griddle Faves

It Feeds About 10 People 

Buttermilk Pancakes $25.00
French Toast $35.00

IHOP Burritos

It Feeds About 10 People 

The Classic Breakfast Egg Burrito $125.00

IHOP Combo Boxes

Combo BoxSmall10$125.00

IHOP Burgers, Sandwiches, & Chicken

It Feeds About 10 People 

Build Your Own Burger Bar $125.00
Tray of Chicken Strips $96.00

IHOP Salads

It Feeds About 10 People 

House Salad $30.00

IHOP Sides

It Feeds About 10 People 

Pork Sausage Links 20 pcs$30.00
Fruit $35.00
Scrambled Eggs $30.00
Hickory-Smoked Bacon 20 pcs$30.00
Sliced Ham 20 pcs$30.00
Crispy Breakfast Potatoes $28.00

IHOP Desserts

It Feeds About 10 People 

Chocolate Cake 14$75.00
Cinnamon Dippers 70 pcs10$50.00

IHOP Catering Menu Calorie Count

The calorie count in the IHOP menu is different for different items and also varies across the types of pancakes.

The Original Buttermilk Pancakes, for instance, contain 450 calories. Whereas, the Mexican Tres Leches Pancakes are worth 700 calories.

The Nashville Hot Chicken & Waffles contain a whooping 1740 calories and that’s the highest calorie count in the Waffles section of the menu.

However, IHOP is known for serving healthy food and many gluten-free items are included in its catering menu. Its Fresh Berry Salad with Grilled Chicken contain 310 calories.

The House Salad has a low-calorie count as is worth 140 calories. You can check for nutritional facts about the IHOP menu on their website.

Does IHOP Provide Breakfast Catering Services?

Yes, IHOP’s catering services also include breakfast items such as pancakes, crepes, scrambled eggs, breakfast sandwiches, etc.

There’s a variety of pancakes you get to choose from and you can order all of them for 10, 20, or 50 people. You can also order Pancake Sliders that can serve 10 to 50 people.

Served with syrup, each serving of Pancake Sliders consists of two buttermilk pancakes that are filled with bacon, omelette, and American cheese.

Moreover, the menu also contains individual boxed meals with great breakfast combinations like scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage of your choice, buttermilk pancakes, toasts, etc. You can also order decaf coffee for a crowd of 10.

IHOP Catering Menu Popular Options

The catering menu at IHOP is a combination of health and delight. The menu includes everything from nutritious breakfast items to tasty meals and combos.

A few most popular and top-rated options on the menu are described below:

01. Gluten-Friendly Pancakes

IHOP is well-known for its healthy gluten-free pancakes which are served with whipped real butter. You can request for a gluten-free syrup.

02. Mexican Tres Leches Pancakes

Patrons love these pancakes of IHOP as these buttermilk pancakes are served with dulce de leche caramel sauce as well as vanilla sauce.

03. Chicken Strips

The crispy chicken breast strips are the most ordered items on the lunch menu of IHOP.

These buttermilk chicken strips are a good option when you’re craving a hearty meal. You get to choose the sauce you want with them.

04. Burger and Fries Combo

IHOP’s yummy steakburgers and crispy fries become more wanted in a family or friends get-together.

Have a movie night with your family or friends, enjoy this tasty combo and pair it with your choice of beverage.

05. Turkey Bacon Strips

IHOP’s Turkey bacon strips also make their way to the list of the most demanded food options as they are perfectly seasoned and served sauce of your choice.

06. Breakfast Sandwich

IHOP makes its special breakfast sandwich entirely customized and that’s why people love to order it.

It comes with customized bread or brioche bun topped with ham cage-free eggs and American cheese.

07. French Toast

People who love to start their morning with true delight go for IHOP’s classic French toasts. They are served with whipped real butter, syrup, and powdered sugar.

08. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Foodies often go for these buttermilk pancakes filled with chocolate to ease their cravings.

Served with whipped real butter, extra chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup, these pancakes are perfect for those who don’t mind calories in the morning.

How Many People Does IHOP Large Combo Box Serve?

Large combo boxes included in the catering menu of IHOP can serve a maximum of 50 people.

Though there are a few items like a box of pancake cookies that can serve only 10 people, on the whole, the combo boxes can serve 50 people maximum.

The menu also includes a breakfast combo box that can serve a crowd of 10, 15, or 25 people.

Each serving of this combo box includes French toast, pancakes of your choice, two breakfast meats, breakfast potatoes, and scrambled eggs.

Moreover, IHOP’s Burger and Fries Combo contains 10 steakburgers and is large enough to serve 10 people.

Ways To Order IHOP Catering

You can easily order food from the catering menu of IHOP on IHOP’s official website for catering. Just visit the website, choose a location, and schedule your order.

Moreover, you can also order IHOP catering through the ezcater website. Visit the ezcater website, go to IHOP catering, choose your location to see the menu, fill your cart, and order.

Accepted Payment Methods At IHOP

The IHOP accepts cash, gift cards, credit cards, and debit cards. Thus, IHOP offers you both options of cash payment and contactless payment.

If you prefer digital payments, you can purchase IHOP gift cards and resume them in-store and online.

You can also gift IHOP gift cards to your loved ones and make them enjoy flavoursome pancakes.

IHOP Catering Delivery Process

The delivery process for ordering IHOP is easy. You can easily avail of IHOP catering services through their website.

Just open their official website for catering, choose your area, select your food, and order the food you and your friends love. You can also order IHOP catering through the ezcater website.

In StoreYes
Drive ThruNo
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

Ways To Reach IHOP

The following table enlists the ways you can access IHOP:

Order Onlinewww.ezcater.com/brand/pvt/ihop
Phone AppsApple Store Google Play Store

Final Thoughts

The IHOP catering menu has a broad assortment of food items ranging from breakfast to lunch and sides to combos.

The extensive variety of mouthwatering pancakes can make you wonder what to choose and what to leave.

Moreover, customers rate the pricing of combo boxes as economical. The ordering process is also easy and IHOP accepts both cash and digital payments.

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